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While trying to be more consistent with jogging, I again payed attention my thoughts. The ones I summoned, the involuntary ones, and the attempts to intensely focus in order to keep my pace. It was the most personal experience ever, because it's just ME trying to sustain something in a great deal of discomfort, of my own free will. It's like a mental playground, because no one has any say on what I think, no one will EVER know. But these thoughts are the things that make me ME, the things that create my world, my perceptions, and my reality. How is it that they're so isolated? Basically, I was thinking about how much interesting data there was in the pattern of thought creation, formation, and which types of thoughts proceed others.

How much interesting data there is in each human. Getting access to this data can accelerate change in the world by so much, I think. But, people are private and don't want their thoughts known or studied. But what if it made the world a better place?

We could objectively analyze our values, self perception, what antecedents lead to what behaviors. The data would be so dangerous in the wrong hands, but if .. somehow.. there was some way that our thoughts could be studied by a neutral entity, I bet some real useful and insightful data could be retrieved that could systematically, democratically, produce the world we want, as a people. Harmful thought patterns could be collectively corrected, and desirable thought patterns could be taught and learnt.

I can see a scenario where as a collective human race, we're more sellf-aware, because maybe we can see and experience how certain thought patterns lead to certain outcomes, despite the infinite amount of possibilities.

I just had to get that out of my system. I feel like it makes so much sense, but I know that I'm just one person that sees a reality that doesn't exist.

I think ultimately, maybe this is what we're trying to do anyway. We share songs, stories, studies, ideas.. we take history classes, go to therapy..

But how rich is the world of hidden thought patterns!

-- eta

After hitting publish, I realized... probably just the self-awareness could alter thought patterns, hence changing the data. The data would probably just conclude with "we know nothing" XD

-- eta

the formatting on this editor doesn't work and i can't private a post.

I added the conclusion that people don't function well having their thoughts perceived in real time. I like to iterate over my thoughts and feelings in peace and private. I think we should only be able to retrieve the thoughts of those who have passed 50 years ago. Hee!

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